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A comprehensive, cutting-edge CS curriculum for K-12 students

Comprehensive Curriculum for K-12

Scientifically Grounded Modular Pedagogy

Built on scientifically grounded pedagogy to optimize the mastery of computational skills and critical thinking. Offers modular, customizable content to adapt to learner needs, ensuring personalized mastery of competencies.

Relevant and Progressive

Constantly updated to include the latest advancements, our curriculum ensures students master relevant computer science skills. Employs a spiral approach to progressively deepen skill over time.


Fosters interdisciplinary mastery, integrating computational thinking across various subjects for broader competencies

AI-driven and Real-world Application-centric

Centers on AI-driven learning and real-world applications, enhancing skill applicability and mastery in dynamic contexts



Dive into computational thinking, explore AI, and master advanced coding.


Equip students with computer fundamentals, ensure online safety and basic concepts.


Progress in your CS learning journey with our Cambridge Curriculum.

Printed Books

Qubits enhances the learning experience by providing students with printed books and materials, promoting hands-on and effective education. These resources complement our digital tools, ensuring a comprehensive and engaging approach to learning that fosters deeper understanding and retention.

Customised CS Curriculum

Qubits provides customizable Computer Science curricula, allowing schools to tailor their programs to fit specific educational objectives and student needs. This flexibility ensures a personalized learning experience, enabling students to excel in the rapidly evolving field of technology.

Advanced Online Platforms

Integrated Online IDE's provide engaged and gamified learning with intuitive coding platforms and visualizers, while also offering tracking and progress management, detailed reporting and dashboards, and integrations with leading learning platforms

Supplementary Curriculum

Physical Computing Curriculum

Robotics Curriculum

Standard Alignments