A comprehensive, cutting-edge CS curriculum for K-12 students

What is DigiQuest?

DigiQuest dives into different areas of computer science, following the Cambridge Primary Computing Curriculum. It explores topics like Computer Systems, Networks and Digital Communication, Computational Thinking, Programming, and Managing Data in an engaging and accessible manner.

DigiQuest K-12 Levels

DigiQuest Level 1

Know the basics of computer systems including communication.

DigiQuest Level 2

Identify a range of devices that can connect to networks and use correct technology terminologies

DigiQuest Level 3

Follow, understand and edit linear algorithms

DigiQuest Level 4

Know how to develop programmes with features such as repitition, iteration etc

DigiQuest Level 5

Delve deeper into the intricacies of programming, computational thinking,computer systems etc

DigiQuest Level 6

Continue to build on the primary topics and create a solid technological foundation

Teacher Support

DigiQuest offers teachers intensive training, abundant resources, state-of-the-art assessment tools, and on-demand support, along with informative webinars for staying updated.

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