A comprehensive, cutting-edge CS curriculum for K-12 students

What is DigiChamps?

DigiChamps offers a comprehensive curriculum covering digital literacy, computing fundamentals, internet networks, and design, including 3D design, graphics, multimedia, and web development. It also encompasses data science with R and productivity apps, including office applications, to ensure students gain essential digital skills for the modern world.

DigiChamps K-12 Levels

DigiChamps Level 1

Learn computing basics and essential skills in MS Word, PowerPoint, and Tuxpaint through hands-on activities and exercises.

DigiChamps Level 2

Explore computing devices, online safety, and master MS Office tools through engaging exercises and challenges.

DigiChamps Level 3

Discover computer parts, web browsing, emailing; enhance MS Office and 3D modeling skills with hands-on projects.

DigiChamps Level 4

Improve internet communication, network knowledge; gain proficiency in Word, PowerPoint, Tinkercad via project-based learning.

DigiChamps Level 5

Master computational systems, typing, online safety, file management; advance Word, PowerPoint, Tinkercad, and basic Excel skills.

DigiChamps Level 6

Understand computing systems, data protocols, emailing, advanced PowerPoint, Excel, and basic Google Sites through interactive challenges.

DigiChamps Level 7

Learn troubleshooting, digital security, cloud computing, safe browsing, Word, Excel, and website design through engaging activities.

DigiChamps Level 8

Apply advanced digital security, software management, Excel, and web development concepts through practical, reflective exercises.

DigiChamps Level 9

Master computing abstractions, data security, advanced Excel, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, GIMP, Openshot, and digital accessibility basics.

DigiChamps Level 10

Specialize in computing systems, connectivity, cybersecurity, data transfer, algorithms, multimedia editing, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and data visualization

DigiChamps Level 11

Learn OS concepts, logic gates, computational artifacts, networking, Bootstrap, advanced web development, and R basics.

DigiChamps Level 12

Understand fault tolerance, parallel computing, digital security, social impact, advanced web development, and data analysis with R.

Teacher Support

DigiChamps offers teachers intensive training, abundant resources, state-of-the-art assessment tools, and on-demand support, along with informative webinars for staying updated.

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