A comprehensive, cutting-edge CS curriculum for K-12 students

What is DigiPro?

Digipro is a comprehensive program designed to immerse learners in computational thinking, AI exploration, and advanced coding mastery. It offers a range of courses, projects, and resources aimed at fostering proficiency in these areas, catering to students of K-12 levels, seeking to enhance their skills in technology and computer science.

DigiPro K-12 Levels

DigiPro Level 1

Learn coding fundamentals with ScratchJr through interactive projects like animations, collages, and games.

DigiPro Level 2

Master code blocks in ScratchJr to create engaging games and animations through proven methods.

DigiPro Level 3

Learn Scratch coding for interactive games, and explore AI basics and applications in computer vision.

DigiPro Level 4

Create Scratch programs with custom characters and learn machine learning basics using Teachable Machine.

DigiPro Level 5

Develop Scratch games, chatbots, enhance machine learning skills, and learn mobile app development with Thunkable.

DigiPro Level 6

Advance Scratch animation and game development, create AI chatbots, and build gaming apps with Thunkable.

DigiPro Level 7

Learn Python fundamentals, complex programming, and create an AI-based app to detect emotions

DigiPro Level 8

Master Python programming, regular expressions, core concepts, and develop an AI assistant app using Thunkable.

DigiPro Level 9

Learn Python coding, data structures, visualization, algorithms, AI applications like time series forecasting.

DigiPro Level 10

Enhance Python skills with advanced concepts, multi-dimensional data, and an AI project on house price prediction

DigiPro Level 11

Master advanced Python, including debugging, web scraping, GUI, data visualization, and develop an AI Tic Tac Toe.

DigiPro Level 12

Explore Java's advanced features and deepen knowledge of data types, OOP, and recursion

Teacher Support

Digipro offers teachers intensive training, abundant resources, state-of-the-art assessment tools, and on-demand support, along with informative webinars for staying updated.

Request a Sample Lesson

Request a Sample Lesson

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